• Cartwheels Rug

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    This floor rug will suit a boys bedroom as its predominately blue in colour with dark blue circles of different sizes, the large circles are made up of smaller circles and are coloured dark blue, turquoise, green and red. The background colour of the floor rug that you can see through the circles is light cream.

    Put this floor rug in your boys bedroom to brighten up the room, its ideal if your renting and can't change the carpets as you can put this rug down to create a colourful area in what might be a dull room. Use the rug to cover up a stain or mark on the carpet or pout the rug on the wall where it will add warmth and colour to the room as well as hide any unsightly cracks on the wall.Children will love to play with their toys on the rug as its warm and soft.