• Red Personalised Snuggle Sac - Single

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    This snuggle sac is like a sleeping bag with the addition of a large pocket at the top which holds your child's pillow inside, the snuggle sac is red in colour with white polka dots and would suit both a little boy or a little girl, there are two sizes of children's snuggle sac available, small and standard size. The snuggle sac can be personalised as there's an embroidery service to embroider the name of your child on the snuggle sac if you would like.

    The snuggle sac has a fleece outer and a 100% cotton inner and is light red inside. The snuggle sac comes in its own bag which has a zip on the side making it easy to put the rolled up snuggle sac in the bag without any pushing or forcing the snuggle sac in the bag.