• Royal Blue Gingham Blackout Lined Curtains

    Royal Blue Gingham Blackout Lined Curtains Buy Now at Amazon

    These light blue to purple coloured curtains are suitable for both a boys and a girls bedroom and are thicker than usual curtains as they have a blackout lining, the blackout lining is a thick lining that keeps the sunlight out of your kids room when the curtains are drawn so at night when its time to sleep but its still light outside you can drawer the curtains and the room will be instantly dark.

    Its not just sunlight that the blackout curtains will block but artificial light like street lights, car headlights or shop windows shine at night so if you suffer from nuisance lights near your child's bedroom window your still be able to block out all the light so children can sleep without worrying about moving shadows on the wall caused by car headlights.